10:30am – Gluten Free Diet 101


Susan Batchelder, MS, RD, CD

Wondering what gluten free foods actually taste good, shopping hints, restaurant dining an what are the best gluten free apps to use?

Come and learn more about the gluten free diet from a registered dietitian who was diagnosed with celiac in 2002 and has followed the gluten free diet ever since.


11:30am – Gluten Free for the Active Lifestyle


Jamie Krzykowski, PhD, LAT CISSN and soon to be TNC.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, recreational athlete or a fitness enthusiast this session is for you. We will address energy expenditures and how you can meet your energy needs with a gluten free diet. Come find out how to get the most out of your workouts using gluten-free pre-workout and post-workout recovery options.

Dr. Krzykowski has a PhD in Holistic Nutrition, is a certified athletic trainer, a certified sports nutritionist and soon to be a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Exercise Science, Athletic Training and Sports Nutrition at Carroll University in Waukesha, WI. Dr. Krzykowski is passionate about whole food eating, especially for athletes. She regularly speaks at high schools, colleges, churches and corporate offices on sports nutrition, healthy eating, label reading, increasing energy, disease prevention, among many other topics.


12:30pm – Organic Farming, Organic Food: Your Money and Your Health

Dan & Paula Siegman

Why should you spend the extra money for organic food? Join us as we explore the answers to this question and how gluten free fits in to all this.

Dan & Paula Siegman are the owners of Back to the Best Organic Farm & Country Store in Rubicon, Wisconsin.


1:00pm – Is Gluten Negatively Impacting Your Child’s Brain and Overall Development?


Dr. Jeremy Fritz
Dr. Jeremy Fritz will explore the relationship between the brain-gut axis and it’s role in normal development. He will then review various mechanisms on how gluten can disrupt both brain and body development in children. If your child is struggling with attention, behavioral, emotional, digestive, and/or learning challenges, then you don’t want to miss the opportunity to find out if gluten is one of the culprits.

Dr. Jeremy Fritz is the Executive Director of the Brain Balance Achievement Centers of Vernon Hills, IL and Mequon, WI. Dr. Fritz studied under childhood neurobehavioral expert, Dr. Robert Melillo, creator of the Brain Balance Program.

He is passionate about helping children suffering from neurobehavioral and learning disorders through natural brain-based mechanisms. Dr. Fritz is also a parent and professional educator on various health related topics and strives to provide a deeper understanding of the current research as it relates to childhood developmental disorders.


1:30pm – Pieces of the (Health) Puzzle

Karen Pine

Your health can be improved! Your amazing body has the ability to repair itself if you give it the proper “fuel”. We will discuss what to eat, what not to eat, and not eating at all!

Karen Pine was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012. An MRI confirmed Karen had 10 lesions in her brain and one lesion going down her spine. Karen experienced many symptoms including numb hands, feet, face, and tongue, severe dizziness, vision impairment, hearing loss, difficulty breathing and swallowing, severe neck pain and more. Karen has defeated MS naturally. She is now symptom FREE and drug FREE. Karen says “My MS doctor has told me that I don’t need him anymore!”


2:00pm – Labels and Law


Bev Lieven

Everyone has heard that “You can’t play the game unless you know the rules” This also applies to your gluten-free diet! When the first study of celiac disease in the US was published in 2003, no one could have imagined that the new technology and subsequent legislation would spark today’s gluten-free marketplace. Join Bev Lieven as she explains the current labeling laws, along with the history/technology behind them, which have made “doing gluten-free” easier than ever before, but also more confusing!

Bev coordinates the Milwaukee Celiac-Sprue Crew. An original MCSC member since 1982, she continues to be the new member contact for the group, speaking with/learning from hundreds and hundreds with celiac over the years. She is also a mother and grandmother..6 in the family have celiac, spanning 3 generations and 120+ years of gluten-free eating. She “does” gluten free old school with budget-friendly meals, mostly from scratch. Her first love, however, is the science of “everything” celiac. She enjoys reading research, or researching it. “Staying up-to-date is the key to staying healthy when you are Gluten free!”



2:30pm – Creating a Gluten Free, Cancer Free, Diabetes Safe Kitchen That Tastes Amazing!


Karen Urbanek

If you are taking a pro-active part in your cell health and the personal maintenance of that body of yours, this class is for you!  Learn how to cleanse your organs and glands, remove extra sugars from the body, and create an internal environment which will give you external energy! Discover the secrets to living free of dis-ease, and learn what foods cancer and candida thrive on.  Learn which foods are safe for diabetes, and how to create gluten free foods that taste amazing! Don’t be deceived by advertising, most gluten free foods are so loaded with hidden sugars that you may be avoiding gluten, but creating cancer, candida and diabetes at the cell level! Come learn how to live free of dis-ease and with energy!

Karen Urbanek has studied and practiced health and nutrition for decades and is helping improve the world’s health through education!  She and her husband, Roger, own Karen’s Energy Educational center in Utah. Karen is a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and the creator of the Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor (TNC) certification offered worldwide. She has presented her signature presentations to tens of thousands of individuals worldwide. In addition, she is Utah’s State Representative for the Association of Natural Health, keynote speaker, author of three books, a CEDSA/VITAL technician, raw food chef, and mother to ten!